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TOCSIN i700 Series Addressable and Analogue Detector Control Panel

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The TOCSIN i700 Addressable and Analogue Detector Control Panel from IGD is the latest version of IGD’s popular 700 series gas detection system.


The TOCSIN i700 system controller now features a new moulded case. This not only provides an attractive control panel but also provides more flexible mounting options. Built in battery backup increases flexibility and security.


The TOCSIN i700 builds on previous versions of the control panel, providing a host of impressive key features.

  • Addressable and legacy Analogue detector inputs

  • Battery Backup

  • Relay Alarm Outputs

  • Up to 64 addressable Detectors/Devices on 2 network highways

  • Event Logging

  • Modbus Interface

  • Solid state Beacon Sounder Outputs

  • On-Screen Detector Tags

  • One man calibration

Sensor Types
  • TOC 30 Annunciator Control Panel Accessory

  • TOCSIN 107 Addressable I/O Node Control Panel Accessory

  • TOC 30 Series Safe Area Gas Detection

  • TOCSIN 102 Thermal Conductivity Gas Detector

  • TOCSIN 102 Infra Red Gas Detectors

  • Tocsin 102 Photoionisation Gas Detectors

  • TOCSIN 102 Toxic or Oxygen Gas Detectors 

  • TOCSIN 103 Industrial Gas Detectors

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