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International Gas Detectors

The IGD range of gas detection system control panels caters for any size of system. Whether it is a boiler room requiring one sensor or process plant requiring hundreds of sensors, there is a product to suit the job. Innovative design brings you cost effective solutions utilising conventional analogue or ground breaking digitally addressable detection systems. 


All IGD series gas detection control panels will interface to: 


TOC- Series Gas Detectors in attractive 2 gang ABS housings typically used in schools, laboratories, technology centres 

TOCSIN 103 Series Gas Detectors in pressed steel powder coated housings typically used in industrial applications that do not require ATEX certification such as car parks, boiler rooms, plant rooms. 

TOCSIN 102 Series Gas Detectors in ATEX approved EXD housings for use in potentially flammable atmospheres, gas pumping stations, oil and gas applications, waste water treatment 

All controllers can cater for any mix of Toxic Gases, Flammable Gases or Oxygen. 


Please see IGD Detector Control Panels below. 

Control Panels

Detector Control Panels

Gas Detection Solutions

Any Gas Detection company is only as good as its range of detection technologies.

International Gas Detectors has been at the forefront of Gas Detection since 1919 and can offer: 

• Pellistor (Catalytic) Gas Detectors for Flammable Gas Detection. 
• Electro-Chemical Gas Detectors for Specific Toxic Gas Detection. 
• PID (Photo-Ionisation) Gas Detectors for Detecting over 400 VOC’s CWA’s and Toxic Gases. 
• Thermal Conductivity Gas Detectors for Binary Gas Mixtures. 
• Infra Red Gas detectors for Flammable Gases and Carbon Dioxide (CO2. 

Whatever your application International Gas Detectors will supply the most appropriate technology to solve your gas detection problem. 

International Gas Detectors can provide detection solutions for over 750 hazardous gases and vapours. 
All gas detectors are built, tested and calibrated to traceable standards. 
Some of the more common gases monitored. 

Flammable Gases Detection, Carbon Monoxide Gas Detection, Oxygen Depletion, Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Detection, Carbon Dioxide Gas Detection, VOC Gas Detection, Chlorine Gas Detection, Ozone Gas Detection, Nitric Oxide Gas Detection, Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detection, Sulphur Dioxide Gas Detection, Hydrogen Fluoride Gas Detection. 

Gas Detectors

Gas Detectors

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