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TOCSIN 102 Series ATEX Gas Detector

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Tocsin 102 Series ATEX gas detectors are available in both legacy analogue 4-20mA types or modern addressable units. There are also detector options for Photo-Ionisation (PID), Infra Red (IR), Electrochemical (EC), Pellistors and Thermal Conductivity (TC). Each detection method has its own merits for effectively detecting different hazardous gas types, IGD can advise the best detector option for your application.​

Sensor Types
  • ElectroChemical Gas Detector

  • Infrared Gas Detector

  • Thermal Conductivity

  • PhotoIonisation Gas Detector (PID)

  • Pellistor

Key Features

  • EXD ATEX Zone 1 and 2 Operation EXd IIC T6

  • Detector as legacy 4-20mA or Modern Addressable

  • 5+Year life Oxygen Sensors using Polymer Technology

  • 316 Stainless Steel Detector

  • Epoxy Polyester Powder Coated, Copper Free Aluminium Housing or 316 Stainless Steel Housing with Marine options

Detectable Gases Infrared

  • Flammable

  • Carbo Dioxide

  • Nitrogen Dioxide

Detectable Gases PID

  • Volatile Organic Compounds

Detectable Gases Electro-Chemical

  • Silane

  • Ammonia

  • Hydrogen Sulphide

  • Hydrogen Chloride

  • Ozone

  • Nitrogen Dioxide

  • Sulphur Dioxide

  • Chlorine

  • Oxygen

  • Nitric Oxide

  • Hydrogen

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Hydrogen Cyanide

  • Flammables

  • Hydrogen Fluoride

  • Ethylene Oxide

Detectable Gases Thermal Conductivity

  • Helium

  • Nitrogen

  • Carbon Dioxide

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