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TOCSIN 640 Control Panel

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TOCSIN 640 Addressable Detector Control Panel is a multi-channel detector controller. Easy to install set up and operate with powerful interface features.


The system can be used with any of the Tocsin Addressable range detectors or I/O modules providing maximum flexibility. Wall and panel mount options are available. The rear enclosure can be rotated to accommodate top or bottom conduit entries. Alternately rear entries are available where cabling is buried into walls etc.


The controller has Three SPCO relays as standard, which can be extended with external modules.An RS485 Modbus interface is provided as well as dedicated interlocks for E-stops and fire systems.

Sensor Types
  • TOC-30 Series Safe Area Gas Detectors

  • TOCSIN 102 Infra Red Gas Detectors,TOCSIN 102 PhotoIonisation Gas Detectors

  • TOCSIN 102 Toxic and Oxygen Gas Detectors

  • TOCSIN 102 Thermal Conductivity Gas Detector

  • TOCSIN 103 Series Industrial Gas Detector

  • TOC 30 Annunciator Control Panel Accessory

  • TOCSIN 107 Addressable I/O Node Control Panel Accessory

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