Tocsin 903 ATEX Control Panel

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The TOCSIN 903 ATEX Control Panel provides a local display and control facility for the TOCSIN 102 Series or pellistor gas detectors in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas.


In addition to being equipped with a 4-20mA process transmitter, the TOCSIN 903 ATEX Control Panel can also be fitted with a serial addressable capability either using the IGD data highway to integrate to a TOCSIN I700 or TOCSIN 920 Series Control Panels, or optionally as a HART device.


The TOCSIN 903 ATEX Control Panel is fully compatible with the TOCSIN I700 and 920 Control Panels which offer both addressable and analogue inputs, as well as Modbus serial outputs. More conventionally the TOCSIN 903 can be interfaced directly into DCS/BMS systems using its 4-20mA process output. An alarm relay output card is available.

  • 24V DC Powered

  • Analogue or Digitally Addressable Output Options

  • User configurable alarms

  • Add extra alarm relay outputs

  • RS485 I/O Capability

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