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Trak-It® IIIa ATEX Combustible Gas Indicator

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Trak-It® IIIa ATEX combustible gas indicator is ideal for underground natural gas leak pin pointing, pipeline purging, and confined space applications. This gas detector is available for areas requiring UL, CSA and IECEx/ATEX certification. 


Trak-It® IIIa Displays Up To 4 Gases Simultaneously

• LEL (%Volume and PPM Optional)

• Oxygen

• Carbon Monoxide

• Hydrogen Sulfide


A variety of toxic gas sensors are available for confined space applications.


• Large Bright Graphic Display
• LED Warning Lights
• Loud Audible Alarm 
• Internal 2 Speed High-Volume Pump
• Natural vs Propane Gas Detection
• Built-in Natural Gas & Propane               Calibration
• Long Battery Life
• Low Cost, Long Life Sensors 
• Internal Memory & Data Download



• Combustible Gas Leak Detection
• Gas Leak Survey
• Underground Leak Pinpointing
• Carbon Monoxide Investigations
• Confined Space Monitoring
• Combustible Gas Measurements
• Pipeline Purging (NFPA 54 Compliant)
• EPA Method 21 VOC Emissions Testing


• Natural Gas Utilities
• Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines
• Fire Departments, Hazmat                      Responders
• Industrial Maintenance
• Petrochemical Pipe Maintenance
• HVAC Service Contractors 
• Municipal Waterworks  
• Transportation, Rail, Shipping 
• Utilities, Electric, Water, Sewer



TRAK-IT IIIa Leak Search Mode

TRAK-IT IIIa Leak Search Mode

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TRAK-IT IIIa Bar Hole Test

TRAK-IT IIIa Bar Hole Test

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Trak-It IIIa Combustible Gas Indicator Quick Start Guide

Trak-It IIIa Combustible Gas Indicator Quick Start Guide

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TRAK-IT IIIa Purge Mode

TRAK-IT IIIa Purge Mode

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