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NEW: 2-Wire Addressable Gas Detection System

IGD’s 2-wire gas detection system is cheaper and faster to install. IGD’s 2-wire systems utilise 2 core cables for both power and communication. This minimises the number of cable cores and ultimately cutting down on the cost of install. Cable cores on IGD 2-wire systems have no polarity. This both minimises the possibility of mis-connection and speeds up the install time. using IGD’s 2-wire gas detection systems can reduce install costs by as much as 70%.


“IGD’s Detector ‘Nodes‘ are more than just gas detectors”

IGD 2-wire gas detection system provides maximum flexibility during install and for future expansion. Never under specified IGD’s detector ‘nodes‘ are more than just gas detectors. Each detection ‘Node‘ functions as a gas detector and also has multiple I/O points. This provides maximum flexibility during install when requirements may change.

Each Detector Node has the following options:

  • Single pole change over relay, either normally or de-energised rated at 4Amps

  • Inputs for both flammable and toxic gas detectors at the same time

  • Two multi-function I/O ports lets you independently configure them as: 

    • 4-20mA Input

    • digital input

    • Slam switch/break glass input

    • Gas Meter totalling pulse counter

This puts control where you need it without the extra install cost

Detector nodes can be supplied for both ATEX or Safe Area operations.


“The best value for money and performance”

IGD’s 2-Wire System controllers offer best value for money and performance. With up to 350 channels available IGD’s 2-wire controllers are truly ground breaking! Communication is possible up to 3000M.

Furthermore two display options are possible.  A colour LCD display and jog wheel interface is ideal for simpler systems or where minimal intervention is required. Not to mention, a full colour touch screen option with visually stunning graphics presents information in an easily understood format. Either display can be plugged into the hub card allowing an easy upgrade path from one system to the other. The hub will support both displays at the same time allowing the colour touch screen to be remote from the controller by up to 1000M. This allows for configuration of a remote display.

“App based service tools for better efficiency”

App based service tools for better efficiency. Site time is expensive so IGD’s app based service tools let you interrogate, setup, diagnose, calibrate and save data without resorting to pen and paper. Email data straight from the app to seamlessly record calibration and setup data or download recorded events. Download our range of apps from the Google Play Store.

“Simplify locating detectors in hard to access areas”

IGD 2-wire sampling systems, simplify locating detectors in hard to access areas. Another key point, getting a gas detector in the right place can be a strenuous task. Height restrictions may make it hard to access a detector for servicing. In addition to this the environment may mean its impossible to get a standard gas detector into the required position. This could be true of many applications including; clean rooms, sumps or areas that are subject to frequent wash down or sterilisation.

Therefore IGD’s 2-wire has the solution to this in the form of the 2-wire sampling system. IGD’s sampling system lets you place the detector in the most convenient location. Together with, sample points can be up to 20M away using 6mm tubing. The sampling system has an auto Zero or calibrate function (for Oxygen detection). Flow is constantly monitored, the sample and auxiliary port have built in digital manometers. These are used to calculate flow, monitor for system blockages and pressure compensate the detector. Additionally the use of piezo technology means virtually no moving parts and a long service life with little maintenance. Samplers allow integration onto the same 2-Core cable runs as normal detector nodes. Visit the 2-Wire Sampling System page for more information.

Easily build gas detection networks. Where more than one controller is required for a process area, multi floor building or complex, 2-Wire systems have the solution. Controllers allow you to cascade them in a master slave network of up to 9 units. This puts control units where you need them whilst maintaining an overall master controller. This enables easy integration into other management systems using the controllers Modbus interface.

Fully integrated accessories make the difference. Rather than adding control devices from many suppliers and spending time integrating them; IGD’s 2-Wire systems have fully integrated control elements for your system design from one source:

  • Beacon Sounder modules

  • Illuminated Warning Signs

  • Door Entry Audible Visual Alarms (Annunciators)

  • Addressable 8 Way Relay Cards

  • Internal or External Battery Backup Options

  • Laser Engraved Signage For Warning Signs, ‘What to do in Event or Alarm’ Signs etc

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