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Single Gas Clip Dock (SGC Dock)

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Gas Clip Technologies SGC Dock is an all in one docking station designed for maximum testing efficiency and portability. Housed in a rugged Pelican© case with robust USB memory, this station will be able to accurately test and record all monitor data while reducing the testing time and gas usage.

Traditional docking stations are only designed to test one instrument at a time, resulting in time consuming testing periods as well as unnecessary usage of testing gas. Gas Clip Technologies has significantly improved both testing time and test gas usage with the SGC Dock; users can now test 4 instruments simultaneously saving both time and money.

Each SGC Dock comes with the following standard features:

  • Test 4 units at one time, up to 12 instruments in a minute

  • Easy 1 button operation

  • Robust rechargeable internal battery, hundreds of tests before recharging

  • Internal gas cylinder regulator and pressure gauge

  • 2 GB USB memory for bump test and event log storage

  • Optional unit configuration and firmware updates via GCT Manager Software

  • Rugged Pelican© case or Wall Mount Dock

  • No computer required to operate

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Single Gas Clip Dock (SGC Dock)
Single Gas Clip Dock (SGC Dock)
Single Gas Clip Dock (SGC Dock)
Single Gas Clip Dock (SGC Dock)
Single Gas Clip Dock (SGC Dock)

Unit Configuration/Firmware Updates: In order to keep your fleet of gas detectors compliant with specific settings, we allow for the SGC Dock to program each unit during either bump testing or calibration. The programmable fields are as follows: User ID, Calibration Interval, Bump Interval, Self-Test Interval, Low Alarm, High Alarm, Show Sensor Readings, Hide Bump Due LED and Hide Clock. For example, if your company or facility requires each detector on site to have specific alarm set points and a bump test interval, instead of programming each unit individually, the instruments can be group programmed while simultaneously bump testing (4 units at a time per dock) using our GCT Manager software. As firmware updates become available, we can program each SGC Dock to update units during bump testing and calibration. Facility safety standard compliance for single gas detectors is now easily achievable.

Event Data and Record Storage: In addition to performing tests, unit configurations and firmware updates, the SGC Dock also stores important information about both the docking station and units tested. All tests performed on the docking station can be accessed from either the USB directly or using the GCT Manager software. Each bump test and calibration event is recorded and logged by date, time and serial number. Along with the test records, the individual event logs from each unit are saved. At the time of the test, the detector transmits its’ event log to the memory. By default, the station will save the previous 10 event logs.

Wall Mount SGC Dock: Gas Clip Technologies offers a wall mount solution for our SGC Dock. Instead of being housed in a Pelican© case, we provide a slim cabinet type case that can be easily mounted on a wall. This option can be selected at the time of order or can be ordered separately to convert your existing SGC Dock to a Wall Mount SGC Dock. This option is a perfect fit for facilities or office environments.

Gas Clip Technologies GCT Manager software provides users the ability to communicate and program the SGC Dock or Wall Mount SGC Dock via IR Link or USB memory stick.



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Also available as Wall Mount Dock
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