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SCal-400 Calibration and Charging Station

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SCAL-400 will automatically charge, bump test, calibrate, download and save calibration and test data of  SENSIT® P400 Gas Monitors.


All calibration data, time, date, sensor and pump performance data is stored in the calibrator for download to your computer. SCal-D Data Management Software (Included) allows automatic uploading from the calibrator. The software creates compliance reports and alerts selected personnel of overdue or failed calibrations.

SCal-D Data Management Software

SCAL-D is the Data Management Software used to download data from Smart-Cal Calibration Station(s). Various reports and alerts can be viewed, printed, e-mailed or stored as HTML or an Excel spreadsheet. When configured, SCAL-D will automatically alert operators and supervisors of important data depending on their preference settings.


• Touch screen operation
• Tests up to 5 instruments
• Automatic operation
• Indication of pass or fail
• RJ45 intranet connection
• Windows 7 & XP Network                       Compatible

Reporting Features

• Instrument Test Past Due
• Instrument Failure Alerts
• Monthly Compliance Report
• Sensor Performance Data
• Optional Networking System

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